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Welcome to Solar Graphics

We offer a huge range of products from diverse brands. Our comprehensive catalogue of products allows us to maximize the options and solutions we can provide to our commercial and residential customers. No matter whether you are looking for an economically friendly product, a high end window film product, a highly customized solution, a very unique film, or even a specific brand, we have the window tint or film that’s just right for you.

Solar Graphics Residential Window Films

Digital Printing

The possibilities are endless with our large format digital prints. Our in-house top of the line digital printers can print directly onto our colored scratch resistant, durable and long lasting commercial window films.

New Installs

Keep your employees and customers cool with our eco-friendly architectural films.

Solar Graphics Decorative Window Films

Save on your energy bill by having us install any of our long lasting solar window films. 

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90+ ultra premium, professional grade, transparent, translucent and reflective PET colored window films.


We integrate colored window films into exterior and interior building glass design for a happier environment.

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